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How to restore your crystal necklace

Crystals have never been more popular because there is a huge range of crystal jewellery available to purchase. A look in the window of any jewellery shops will demonstrate that crystals in various forms are being used as an increasingly common type of decoration, whether that is as a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings. While growth interest in crystal jewellery may be a comparatively recent event crystals have been used to make beautiful jewellery for a long time.

While owning such a beautiful piece of classic jewellery may be initially appealing a lot of people are eventually deterred from making a purchase because they don't know how to care for an antique crystal necklace. It's true that without proper care a crystal necklace will soon lose its sparkle but restoring the lustre is easy if you know how it's done. Here is a simple guide explaining how to care for an antique crystal necklace and your other crystal jewellery.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Necklace

To begin cleaning your antique crystal necklace, you should simply wipe it with a cotton or lint-free cloth. To reach some of the more inaccessible crevices on the necklace, it may be easier to try using a paintbrush but make sure it is a soft-bristled brush as you must avoid damaging the crystal. Once you have removed any surface dirt, you can leave the necklace to soak for a few minutes in a bowl filled with hot water soapy washing up liquid. After soaking the necklace, clean it gently with a soft toothbrush. Make sure that you always move the brush in the same direction to thoroughly cleanse the necklace.

The final stage of the cleaning process is to dip the necklace in a solution of water and two tablespoons of vinegar to help remove any traces of the soap. You should only leave the necklace in this solution for one minute and remember to gently dry the surface of the antique crystal necklace with a paper towel once it is out of the solution.

By following these simple steps you can restore the lustre of any antique crystal necklace and once again enjoy wearing this classic piece of jewellery to any function you desire. If you have further questions on how to take care of antique crystal necklaces or would like to add one to your collection, contact local services such as Best Jewelrys.